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California Homebuyer Assistance

California Homebuyer Assistance can help you. Are you a first time home buyer in California? Do you have a limited income and fear you will never be able to own a home? Don’t give up just yet. California offers many assistance programs to low income and first time buyers. Below are resources you can use…


Now that You Have Been Approved for a Mortgage, Don’t Blow it!

Qualifying for a home mortgage is tough business. First you have to prove you have a good, secure job or retirement funds that provide ample income to cover a monthly payment. Then comes documentation and more documentation showing tax returns, identification and banking information. Now that You Have Been Approved for a Mortgage, Don’t Blow…


FHA Revised Mortgage Insurance Premium Cancellation Policy

Act Now! If you are planning to buy a house in 2013, you should consider doing it sooner than later. FHA is planning to change the terms associated to mortgage insurance premiums (MIP) this year. Since 2001, once your loan reaches 5 years / 78% LTV, MIP was dropped. This will no longer be the…